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Bark to Barn

Pet & Farm Sitting 

Quality in-home (& barn!) care for your pet family.

Bonded & Insured

Pet First Aid & CPR Certified

Service Areas:

Shingle Springs - Cothrin Ranch - El Dorado Hills

Rescue - Lotus - Gold Hill - Placerville

Cameron Park - Greenstone Country - Arrowbee



Whether you are going away for the weekend, an extended vacation, or it's just another day at the office, Bark to Barn Pet & Farm Sitting will be there to feed, walk, play and scratch on your pets - both the inside kids & the barn critters!  The bonus for you is absolute peace of mind, knowing that your pet family is receiving plenty of love, care & attention while you’re away.

*Overnight Service Only

Pet Sitting

Happy Pets, Unbeatable Pet Sitting

While you're away your pets can stay in the safety and comfort of their own home & in their normal routine.  
We know every pet is unique & one size does not fit all - we plan our visits to meet your needs!  
Call us today for a meet & greet!

Ruff House

Dog Visits in Your Home

Working late hours or traveling, your dog feels most comfortable when at home.  We help make your time away relaxing & less stressful for you and your pup with a visit, exercise & lots of love.   


  • Feeding, refresh water, potty breaks.​.

  • Each visit is 20 to 30-minutes long dependent on your dog's comfort level; some dogs don't know a stranger, others are fearful.  Our number one priority is your dog's comfort & well-being, and we manage the visit accordingly.

  • Administration of medications; oral and/or subcutaneous.

  • Daily Pupdate


      $30/30 minutes

Due to demand  a booking of 6 or more visits requires a non-refundable deposit of 30%.  

Brown Dog

This is Purrfect!

Kitty Visits & Chin Scratches


Overnight Sits (and Stays)

Overnight Care in Your Home


An overnight is just what your pets need to keep them busy and well taken care of when you're away.  It can be a difficult experience leaving a pet under the responsibility of someone else.  But you can rest easy knowing your pet family is in great hands.

  • Services customized to meet your needs.

  • Overnight is a 10-hour period



Our most popular service books several weeks in advance. 

Please consider booking early.

Note: Due to demand, overnight service requires a 50% non-refundable deposit.  Booking is not confirmed until deposit has been received.  




Who knew? Even the most aloof cats actually miss us when we're gone.  We'll keep your kitty comfortable & content with chin scratches & a daily visit.

  • Feeding, refresh water, cleaning litter pans.

  • Each visit is 15-minutes long unless otherwise requested.​

  • Administration of medications; oral and/or subcutaneous.

      $21/ 15 minutes

Pet Sitting

Woof, Woof, Hurray! I get to Stay!

Live-in Care While You're Away

An extended stay is a great way to ensure your pets get the care and attention they need while you're away.  


  • Concierge service to meet your needs.

  • An Extended Stay is a 24-hour period; live-in sitter may leave for 3 | 2 hour periods or 2 | 3 hour periods.

     $265/ 24-hours



I would walk 500 miles,
I would walk 500 more...

Dog Walking

While we can't really walk 500 miles, we sure can take a brisk or leisurely walk with your pup.  Good smells & squirrel sightings are sure to put a little extra wag in the tail.

  • 15, 20, 30 and 60-minute walks/potty breaks available.

  • Refresh water, feeding if requested.

  • Administration of medications; oral and/or subcutaneous

    $21 | 15-minutes

    $23 | 20-minutes

    $28| 30-minutes

    $33 | 60-minutes

High Adventure Dog Outings

Ruffing it in the Mountains

Dogs love adventures!

Your dog will enjoy a mountain, river or lake adventure where everything smells soooo good!  


  • For safety reasons, outings are limited to two dogs per adventure.

  • Dogs kept on-lead for duration of adventure.

  • Dogs must be vaccinated for Leptospirosis, rabies & Bordetella.


      $80 | 3-hours


Horses & Livestock

Now you can get away!  Enjoy more freedom for social activites away from home because we've got you covered!
Bark to Barn Pet & Farm Sitting provides the professional & practical know-how & to care for your horses, goats, chickens & barn.



If your barn is fancier than your house, you might be a horse person...and so are we!  You'll feel comfortable knowing that our equine specialist has the knowledge and years of experience needed, to keep your horses safe & happy while you're away.

  • Twice a day feeding, refresh water.

  • Light mucking.

  • Daily turn out if requested.

  • Blanketing | Unblanketing as needed.

  • Fly Spray | Mask as needed.


    $35/ 2-horses stalled or pasture

    $43/ 4-horses stalled 

    *rate varies dependent on horse's housing.  Stalled horses        are mucked a minimum of 1x/day.  Excessively messy 

     horses may incur an additional charge.  Pastured horses          (regardless of number), are charged at the $35 rate,,




We Write Poultry!

Chickens, Pigs, Llamas & Goats


We've Got Your Livestock Covered

With many years of experience you can rest easy knowing that your animals, both small & large, will be well-cared for while you're away.  ​

*Rate dependent on needs.

Horses, Chickens & Dogs, Oh My!

Concierge Service for Multiple Pet Households

From dogs & cats, to horses, goats & chickens, when you have a house (and barn!) full of critters large & small, you can count on us to provide quality, expert care when you're away.  


*Rate dependent on needs. 


They say follow your dreams - so I did!

Hi! I'm Kelley and a lifetime lover of all things animal. Unfortunately, I made a wrong turn in college & studied Business Administration, rather than veterinary medicine.  Alas, a career requiring long hours & travel ensued, which opened my eyes to the need for a great pet sitter; particularly, one who understands horses, has milked goats, is fearless (snakes? pfft!), has had all manner of rodents & reptiles, and, of course, loves cats & dogs.  There is only one critter on my "heck no!" list, and that is an ostrich (if you knew the story, you'd hold a grudge, too).  

Give me a call and let's see how I can help with your pet family!


Contact Me

At Bark to Barn Pet & Farm Sitting, our goal is to meet your animal’s needs during the time we share, and for them to enjoy our companionship.  We start with a meet & greet; we get to know each other, and we learn your pet‘s needs and special habits. We discuss each pet’s sensitivities, personality, and medical history, then schedule pet sits accordingly.  Please phone or email to schedule your meet & greet! 


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